ut vinegar to work. Using a plastic bag and a rubber band, fill the bag with some plain white vinegar and rubber band it around your shower head. Leave it overnight and you won’t have to even scrub. All the hard water deposits will be gone. If you do this periodically, you will always have a good flowing shower head and you will never have to scrub it.

Lemons can do the work for you. Skip the expensive hard water stain remover and use lemons directly on the areas that need them. It’s cheap and fast. You can also apply lemon juice to hard water deposits on tile, grout and in the sink.

Give dish wands a second job. Fill one of those soap wands you use to clean your dishes with bathroom cleaner or even dish soap and hang it on a hook in your shower. It’s handy to just do a quick scrub after each shower and you will never spend time scrubbing out your tile again.

Baking soda is a must for bathrooms. You can mix it with a little water and it becomes a great non-toxic abrasive that is really low cost. You can also put some down your sink and shower drains with some vinegar and unclog them. Just don’t add too much as a little goes a long way down drains.

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Use Rain-X on your shower doors. If you have those glass sliding shower doors, use Rain-X (the stuff for your car’s windshield) and it will make the water bead right off. Less chance of it leaving behind deposits.

Nail polish can stop rust. If you have stuff in your shower such as shaving cream cans, that rust up, take some clear nail polish and paint around the edges of it. No more rust and no more time spent scrubbing it!

Do you have any bathroom cleaning hacks that work for you? Leave me a comment below- I would love to hear what you have to say!